Whoever said owning a business would be easy? Then again, who was honest enough with you to explain it could be this tough?

Whether you’ve been thinking of starting a business, or have been running one for quite some time, you don’t need someone to feed you platitudes and puffery.

You don’t need someone who’s ultimate objective is trying to sell you a website, an advertising campaign, an app, some media placement or the “latest and greatest” marketing software solution.

These are all good things. It’s just you need something much more critical at this point in the process.

You need facts. You need seasoned expertise. You need the truth.

When you sign up for one of my Breakthrough Consultations you can count on getting the most honest, in-depth and experienced analysis and observations you’ve ever encountered.

Together we will break down the game film of your core concept, your value proposition, your messaging strategy and your plan for success.

Having had the honor and privilege of providing one-on-one counsel to over a thousand entrepreneurs over the twenty five years I’ve been serving the marketing industry, you can be assured you are receiving truly time-tested words of wisdom.

That being said, the last thing you need is one more flogging. We know how cruel the competition, difficult customers and a challenging economy can be. You don’t need to spend money hiring someone to continue the beating.

But you also don’t need someone to wave pom poms at you either. You won’t benefit from delusion enabling! As entrepreneurs we’re already naturally adept at this.

Instead, hope comes from finding a credible pathway to success, that bright light at the tunnel, the nugget of gold that has been inadvertently buried in the pile of misguided strategies.

I can openly share with you that in all my years of working with business owners, I have never failed on discovering at least a slightly better path, a more efficient tactic and a more profitable strategy when it comes to their marketing strategies. This holds true for new businesses, stalled companies and those entrepreneurs who came to me already holding the tiger by the tail.

I was there when the Internet was first thrust into the business world. When domain names were a brand new concept. I helped companies survive the Y2K bug and the crash. We assisted entrepreneurs through the 9/11 years and with the still lingering Great Recession.

As you can imagine, there was a wealth of learning, and street-level training in how to develop the most effective strategies through some of the most challenging environments.

I’m excited about leveraging this background to further your great success.

At the same time, I won’t hesitate for a moment advising you to step back from the cliff of strategic failure.

The reality is you got into this adventure because you had something important to bring to the world. Sometimes it takes a fresh look, an experienced eye, and a patient ear, to assist you in maximizing your chances of reaching your goals.

I have clients that I have been working with for many years. I am their trusted source for marketing insights. They are my friends.

But I love meeting new entrepreneurs and I enjoy doing so on a daily basis. At the same token, my time is limited, which means I can’t work with everyone.

This is why I offer my initial one-hour Breakthrough Consultations. It a way for me to infuse some highly concentrated value into your project. Much of the greatest advice you would ever receive from me will come in the first hour we speak. If we never speak again, you will have value to carry with you through the life of your project.

But this Breakthrough Consultation also will serve another purpose. It will allow us the opportunity to discover if we want to continue on a more extended and deeper level moving forward. Here is how it works:

  1. You request a one-hour Breakthrough Consultation by filling out the form below, sending me an e-mail or leaving a detailed message on the phone (775-800-1609).
  2. I’ll review your request and if I am confident I’ll be able to serve you well, I’ll issue you an invitation and we’ll find a mutually convenient time to schedule our consultation. You’ll then pay a $25 non-refundable fee via PayPal to formally book your appointment.
  3. I’ll send you a brief one-page document with tips on making the most of our initial conversation.
  4. Then we have our Breakthrough Consultation and you’ll get what I intend to be significant, value packed feedback on your idea, plan, message and journey to success.

At the conclusion, you get two choices.250-25-sized


If you discover, like hundreds before you, that this was one of the most meaningful, value rich hours in your business experience, then you will gladly pay me my standard fee of $250 (of which you’ll owe a balance of $225). At that moment, you officially become a Global Studio client, and will have access to future consultations and coaching engagements at a reduced rate. Most likely, it will be the beginning of a long and fruitful business relationship.

If for some reason, you feel the hour we spend together falls short of your expectations in any way, then you won’t pay me a dime more than the $25 booking fee and we’ll agree to conclude our business relationship amicably.

What do you have to lose? Why not take a small chance, and reap the big rewards awaiting you.

Simply fill out the short form below and we’ll promptly take the next step toward getting our meeting scheduled. I can’t wait to learn about your business!

Breakthrough Consultation

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